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AmazontoAfrica Logistics is dedicated to making sure your Amazon Orders are purchased and delivered to you Hassle free and in no time. Everyone knows Amazon is Earth's Largest Marketplace and you can find absolutely almost everything and anything on Amazon, hence we have dedicated our service to efficently bridge the gap between Amazon and you considering most items sold on Amazon are not eligible for delivery to Africa. Why travel to shop or use unreliable shipping companies when we can help you get your Amazon Order sorted and delivered without any hassle or sweat.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any information on our service and how it works, we'd be glad to help.

Before contacting us, here are some common questions about AmazonToAfrica Logistics and their answers

How does AmazonToAfrica Logistics Work?
We don't sell any products. Our services;

a. help you shop any item you'd like on or and deliver to you where ever you are in Nigeria. (use the place order link from menu for this service)

b. help you ship your your purchased and orders by providing you with our USA or UK address you'd use when placing your order and we'd receive your order and deliver to you anywhere you are in Nigeria. (use the request freight link from menu for this service).

In Simple Terms, We help you:
1. Purchase your, or Orders and deliver to your Doorstep;
a. Simply fill out the Order request form by clicking the Place Order link and following the steps.
b. Make Payment via the available payment options.
c. Relax and we would purchase the items in your order from, and deliver them to your doorstep in a week from when we receive it from Amazon.

2. Ship/Freight your already purchased Amazon Orders to your doorstep. Yes you can purchase your Amazon Orders yourself and send to us and we'd help you ship/freight to your doorstep, delivered in a week from when we receive it. Here is how;
a. Use the request Freight Feature by filling out the request freight form and submit.
b. We will send you your personal delivery address and phone number for your, owhich you would use to place your Order.
c. Amazon will deliver to our USA, UK office and we would ship/Freight your order to your doorstep and deliver in a week from when we receive it from Amazon.

**Please Note that orders from Amazon Marketplace sellers may delay as some sellers delay in Delivering Amazon Orders to our USA, UK or India Office. However, if this happens we would ensure we use the fastest means possible to get your order to you... NO Story. We ensure we get all Amazon Marketplace Seller orders deliver to us as soon as possible by communicating with the Amazon seller as much as possible.
How Long will it take to receive my Amazon Order or Freight?
All Orders received from Amazon are shipped out every friday and delivered within a week (work days).
We also offer 48hrs delivery from USA and UK on request.
What are the Payment Options available for my Order Purchase Request or Freight?
We currently accept:
Bank Payment via deposit and transfer.
Card Payment via Interswitch/quickteller
How can i track the status of my Order or Freight?
Click the track order/freight link on the homepage to track your order or freight using your freight or order number.
What are your Fees?
Our only charge is the shipping/freight charge which includes customs clearing are:

USA - $8.95 per kg.
UK REGULAR (one week, work days) - £5.95 per kg

Minimum Flat Freight & Clearing Charges for 1kg to 2kg orders:

USA - $25 || UK - £25

?There is an extra $35 Lithium battery charge on items with Batteries eg. Cameras, Phones, Laptops etc.

Do you help Ship/freight or Order items from other Online stores except Amazon?
We do not ship or help order items from other USA or UK stores (please use our sister company if you require shipping from other USA & UK stores or China) as we are totally committed and dedicated to bridging the gap between Amazon and individuals in Africa looking to purchase hassle-free on, However, you can find almost anything on amazon and our consultants are willing to work with you to source whatever you are looking to purchase on Amazon and help you get the seller with the best price on Amazon.
Simply send us an email with subject: Sourcing Request detailing item/s you are looking to purchase and one of our consultants will be glad to help you search and find the item you are looking to purchase from Amazon and send you options and best prices.
**Fees may apply for this service.
For Shipping or Freight service for your orders or shipments from USA, UK, China and Turkey; Please visit our sister company and request freight.
can i buy directly to your US or UK office and let me pay u for shipping only?
Yes you can. use the Request Freight Link from the homepage Menu to get the USA and UK address to use when buying on amazon.

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